“The mountain is made for everyone, not just for climbers: for those who want to rest in the stillness just as those who seek a rest from the fatigue, in order to become ever stronger.”
Guido Rey

Bosa has much more to offer than beautiful sea and beaches as it is also the ideal place for exploring, trekking, and sport – especially in the cooler months of April, May and September.
Trekking in Bosa means leaving behind the usual comfort and technology of the modern world and immersing oneself in nature, where the air is fresh and the views are breathtaking.
We recommend that you take the coast road from Bosa to Alghero (SP 49) and stop in the broad plot at 8.200 km. The landscape that you will find at this height is very picturesque (at any time of year) and we are sure that you will feel the urge to get out into the open and start trekking, even if this is not a usual interest of yours. If the weather is good and there is not too much haze, you will be able to see the outline of the Capo Caccia at 168 m above sea level. To your left you will see a hole in the guard-rail and an iron gate, here you can pass and advance along a very clearly marked dirt track trail. The ruins of an abandoned sheepfold are evidence of the ancient uses of this area. The trail continues amidst the bush land offering breathtaking views and after about 1.5 km you will reach the beautiful beach of Managu (which you can also visit on boat trips). Below, you will see the blue crystal clear water, on the right a canyon, and on the hillside traces of old abandoned mines.

To do

Tour of the monuments
Horse riding
Boat trips