When holidaying in Bosa we highly recommended that you knock on the doors of the magnificent ‘master of the house’: the griffon vulture. This magnificent bird is the undisputed master of the Catalan coast that divides the pearl of Planargia from Alghero.
Large, proud, and indomitable, the griffin is a huge bird that can live to over thirty years, reaching a body length of 95 to 110 cm, a wingspan of 2.80 m, and a weight ranging from 6 to 11 kg.
Due to the wide wingspan of this bird of prey, scavenger, and predator, it is a fantastic glider and uses the thermal updraft currents to navigate wide open spaces in the continuous search for food. During the breeding season, between November and January, it is easy to see these birds engaged in aerial tricks and displays that are part of the mating ritual, but for the rest of the year it is likely that you will spot them whilst they circle high nell’azzurrità (in the blue) of the sky. If you would like to experience an extraordinary day out and see the Sardinian ‘king of the skies’ in its natural environment you can book a trail of the vultures excursion by contacting the front desk.

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