If you are looking for the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday, this is the place for you. Bosa is an enchanting medieval city which lies on a sloping hill, topped by the beautiful castle of Malaspina, and is just a few kilometers away from the crystal clear sea.

The profile of Bosa and its awesome landscape will charm you with the harmony and vitality of its colours: the deep green of the olive trees and orange groves, the red, yellow, and indigo coloured traditional fishing boats, the pink trachyte stone which provides the stone for the houses of the old town center, and of course the fantastic blue sea in the distance. All this is characterized by the fact that, as Bosa was built on a slope, there is only one plane at the top, and two, or even three, visible façades.

Surrounding Bosa

The city of Bosa
The history of Bosa
The beaches
Surrounding area

To do

Tour of the monuments
Horse riding
Boat trips


The bosano carnival
Festival of our Lady of Regnos Altos
Festival of our Lady of the sea
Holy Week: the week before easter of history and tradition